Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twist Out From my Roller Set Results!

  After having fun with the pincurls after my roller set the other day, I decided to put my hair into my usual flat twist pattern to prep for a twist out.

I wore the twists for a day or two, under my silk scarves and hats, and decided to take them out yesterday (though I had nothing to do).

This was my first time doing a twist out on hair that had been pincurled, and I have to say i really love how much a lot of the ends held the curls from the pincurls, even after being twisted. My hair in the front is a lot looser than the rest of my hair, so its no surprise to me that the ends came out a little straighter in the front, so I think I will have to be changing up my pattern a little bit when doing twist outs on rollerset hair, so the texture in the front will also have the curly waves of the hair every where else.

Since I couldn't wear the set out because my ends were too straight in the front and just didn't look right, I decided to brush out the curls and experiment with some quick & easy, messy up-do's.
I've been trying to practice more with french braids going in different directions, and working on ways to tweak my goal, go-to style for my length now, the high messy bun.
A few french braids into a high bun

Bangs out with a Messy bun in the back
 (Three ponytail/buns turned into one big messy bun! Definitely will be doing a tutorial vid on this hairstyle soon!)

 I usually wash my hair anywhere between once to twice a week, but I'm going to see if I can stretch it to two weeks wearing buns and protective style up-do's on my stretched hair, then it'll be right back to a roller set with eco styler gel. Keeping my hair as stretched as possible is really helping to keep tangles at bay which helps prevent breakage which I thoroughly need right now!!!

Protective styling seems to be going a little bit more my way...  What has been working for you when it comes to protective styling?


  1. I love the bun and the deep wave look! Very informative article. Hair looks shiny and smooth without any heat from irons. Very impressive. Good hold. Interestingly, you accomplished this in stages. There is a lot to learn from that original roller set about hair and its nature. Thanks for the great articles!

  2. @phenominal hairstylist Thanks! Sometimes stages are the best way to go when you're natural... so even when you have an event thats three days away, you may need to start doing your hair from 5 days before! lol I'm glad I was able to impress a fellow hairstylist, you know its hard for hair to have that affect on us sometimes, lol. If you are trying these methods out, i hope all goes well for you!

    1. Great point! Five day head start - wow! And I thought marinating meat overnight was a lot of work. LOL! You have patience. Actually, you may have more patience than I, and believe me, I have a good bit of patience as long as I have had a balanced meal. LOL! As far as my hair, I ran out of patience so I had SisterLocks installed in July of this year. I am trying to wait until 6 months to a year to complete a photo shoot with my new "nubian" look. So far, the SisterLocks work with my lifestyle which is fast and hectic. Smile. I look forward to your future articles!

  3. @pHenomenalhairstylist Ha! I hardly have patience, i just have styling OCD! lol I'm working on patience because if not, i will never make it to my goals! Our hair is beautful in all forms so im sure your sister locs are gorgeous! I always think of locs, but i like the options I have with loose hair... Good luck with your photoshoots, i'd love to see some of your beautiful nubian photos if youre willing to share .... And we thank you for following, and I hope to keep you impressed :)


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