Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Curl Preference - Poll Results

It looks like our Sunday Question about Curl Preference has some interesting results:

64% prefer to have defined curls
5% prefer undefined curls
29% will wear defined or undefined curls depending on their mood

No one has shared their reasoning for their curl preference and we're really curious about it, especially the 29% of you that voted who will wear either or. What occasions call for defined curls or undefined ones? Is it a simple difference on whether you're heading to work/class or going out with friends? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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  1. I think my reasoning revolves around life! Living here in NYC, the weather changes like the days, so a lot of times my regimen goes along with that.

    I love wearing my own curls, but wash and go's dont really work for me if it isn't summer. I do wear a lot of really defined twist outs to mimick my natural curl pattern, but it can still get messy and frizzy over time or if take down isn't done properly.

    I also enjoy big messy styles and fro's and effortless messy buns and things of that sort so that's when the style choices come in.

    Overall, I think i definitely lean more towards my defined curls, probably because my fashion style and personality are big and wild, maybe i need a little more tamed hair to balance? lol


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