Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Question: Your Curl Preference (Poll)

Last week's fluffy hair

In case you haven't been following YAIS for very long, it's a good time to mention that I prefer to rock big, poofy, undefined hair. I've been considering my reasons why and I think it's a combination of me being lazy (can't be bothered defining all the hair on my head sometimes) and adoring really big hair. That's just my style preference. However, I do notice that some naturals knock others for not defining their curls, because undefined hair looks "unkempt" or maybe it reminds people that a lot of us who are black (mixed or not) have a hair type that still isn't fully accepted. I mean, Solange gets crap for her so-called "uneven, picked out fro"and many seem to always comment on how the black kids of celebrities who leave their hair in the same manner. It seems we really have something to say about it! I like the defined curly look but as I said, big "fluffy" hair is a style preference. I'm wondering though, how many of us are strictly looking for curl definition and how often do some of us rock the undefined look? Vote in our poll at the top of the page and leave your comments below!

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