Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heatless Up-do - Back to Flexirods

After coming back from Puerto Rico, I caught some serious hair boredom. To conquer this, I was considering being a "straight natural" for the fall/winter (my hair was straight up till a week ago) but quickly changed my mind after going back to my flexirods over the weekend. SP's recent post about her roller-set using eco-styler gel reminded me of how I wore my hair last winter, and I decided to revisit, especially since I don't want to put heat in my hair for the entire season.

Winter 2011

Since I wanted my roots to be as smooth as possible, this time around when I took our the flexirods I carefully put my hair into six single-strand bantu-knots securing with hair-ties.

Then I placed my hair in an up-do which I posted to our Instagram. I simply used some bobbypins for a messy up-do, and then a neater version that I wore to work yesterday

 All I did was wash and condition my hair, used Lacio Lacio as a leave-in, Eco-styler gel, and sealed with Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir. At night I put my hair back into the 6 bantu-knots. Today I left my hair hanging loose, but it's still moisturized and my roots are still smoothed and stretched without any heat! I didn't even sit under a dryer (although next time I might, simply because I won't have all the time in the world). I'll probably still straighten a few times this winter, but since I don't want heat damage it's nice to know I have this option. Next post I'll give my Fall/Winter routine and products!

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