Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday's Look: The Asymmetrical TWA Twist- out Bob

Yesterday some of my friends came to meet up with me and we decided to have lunch at Crepe's On Columbus (Yum! My favorite!) and head to the Museum of Natural History for a day of free browsing. Unfortunately the museum was closed, but it was fun that we got to hang out anyway... took a nice little walk and just chilled. We were playing around snapping flics of each other but I wanted them to snap a few flic's of me because my hair was looking amazing (of course, because I didn't plan it) and I was getting a lot of compliments on my pants and belt; Compliments of Vintage Emelda and Nadine (my grandmother and mother).

How did I achieve this look?

I did  6 Flat 2-strand twists the night before on hair that had been banded to stretch but worn in a puff all day. I used :
This was the first time i used it so i wasn't sure what to expect. It say's it supposed to thicken, volumize, and soften. I've only used it once so far so i will wait before i give it any review but obviously I love the outcome of my hair!
I didn't take a picture of my twists because I didn't expect them to be anything great, but i basically did a side part, parted about 2 inches out in the front and did 2 flat 2 strand twists going from the part to either ear, then did all of the rest going straight back and put on a bonnet. When i took my hair out it was defined but all over the place, especially now that it's at a bit of a wierd length, being moreso in between long and short now. I started moving my hair about to see what might look suitable because the prospect of bangs wasn't looking like an option. Once I moved my hair into this position I automatically loved it, as I started tugging pieces into place. I then decided to blow out the roots to stretch it just a little more, except for the right side above my ear because I was digging the asymmetrical look as I got around to that side. I stuck a few push pins (the open U-shaped ones) in different places around the top of my hair to secure it from the wind and used a little of Aveda's Air Control Hair Spray, which is a soft, brushable, layering hairspray; You choose your hold. My hair was perfect, still soft and bouncy and in place with hardly any frizz, just good frizz :)

I'm going to try to reacheive this look today, as i retwisted last night, except using the Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie... I hope i can achieve similar or better results!


  1. Hi Sheri, the Asymmetrical twist out looks great. I would like to try that style!!
    Also, I would like to get my high/low lights touched up.. Any available date/time???


  2. very cute! and yes, I totally see Ms. Nadine haha


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