Monday, May 16, 2011

Style Longevity (The Post Blogger Ate)

Long, Long ago... a week and a half ago... lol
I rollerset my hair about a week and a half ago and I've really been able to do a lot with my hair. I'm seeing growth and i feel like i'm getting into a few more styling options which i'm loving! About 2 days after wearing the 2 strand twisted updo, i got tired of the style because as it was nice, the style just really wasn't me... I washed my hair with the twists in and just wore them pushed back with a headband while they dried that day, and dried they did, and shriveled all the way up too!

Once they were dry that night, knowing that i wanted to wear a twist out the next day and that i wouldn't want it to be so shrunken, i untwisted my hair and  banded to stretch it for the next day.
After banding, i pinned my hair down using roller clips to encourage downward handing, then tied with my satin scarf to sleep.
Here are the results!! :
Day 1 Hair ~ Defined, virtually frizz free and stretched out.

Day 2 Hair ~ Still stretched, a little frizzy but in a good way and much bigger! I used my pinned-down method which i always get soo many compliments on.

Day 3 Hair~
I decided i wanted to wear my hair up so i pushed my hair back using a doubled headband to make a puff and made pinned-down side bangs .. Love it!!!
 They caught us Ridin' Dirty.... and the guy in Toys R Us came and told us that we weren't allowed to play in the Power Wheels, lol.


  1. Wow great. Actually sitting with my hair banded, now I know what to do tomorrow :)

  2. Oh great! I wish i could see the outcome! Is your hair longer or also a TWA?


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