Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Side Puff!

I planned to go out on Saturday night for my friend's birthdays but had no idea how i was going to wear my hair. I straightened my hair earlier in the week (Yes! I said straightened... I'll get to that a little later) and the humidity and the fact that it got caught in the rain caused the ends to puff and frizz up. I wasn't sure what i was going to do with my hair but i decided to get in the shower without a shower cap so it could puff and swell up a little. When i came out of the shower, it had shrunken significantly on the sides and just curled up everywhere else. While adding some Shea butter and playing with possible ways to manipulate my hair into cool styles, i pushed to the side and was loving it! I used my brush to smooth down the sides and pushed my headband back, and sideways and ....
(Please excuse the shiny, oily, tipsy face... lol)
I was really in love with the outcome and even got to wear it the same way again the next day before decidng to wash it because the ends were feeling pretty dry. Don't you love when you discover a new favorite style?! 
Stay tuned for the next post coming up to see my straightened pics!

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