Sunday, May 1, 2011


I hate the times when i'm so busy that i dont have time to post, and trust me, I try. These days i've been so busy I haven't been going to sleep, but instead, literally passing out... I woke up the other night wondering why i was hot and came to realize i was still fully dressed, leather jacket and all. LOL.
Either way, just because i've been busy doesn't mean i've forgotten you ::hugs:: I've still been trying to keep tabs with whats going on with Her Majesty up there. Time to play ketchup.
04/17 ~ Attemped Bantu Knots for the first time .... eehhh... Didn't come out bad but not really my cup of tea with this TWA. It curls up a lot which im sure would come out nice on longer hair with bigger knots, just with the fact that im trying to avoid shrinkage, no thanks on the bantu knots for a while.

I'm really over having short hair so i've been wearing my hair in anyway that i can keep it somewhat stretched. 04/18 ~ Trusty Blowout Pinned up on the side with a flower

The next day I decided to wear  a puff with twists in the front

And this past Thursday i rollerset my hair, brushed it out, and wore it in a banana clip :)

It seems as though the looser/silkier textures, which is basically down the middle, came out straighter and the curlier/dryer textures came out stretched but still looking afro-ey.
Here are some crappy phone pics of me today rockin' a 3 day old twist out from this rollerset (the flash is making my makeup look wierd.. uhg)

My hair is growing and April 29th, made it officially one year since i had last colored my hair, the reason why i did my second BC back in octoboer.

It's time for a trim and with how busy i am, i think i'm just going to do extension braids again so i can prolong needing to trim and work on some length retention :)


  1. You are so creative with your hair! I love it! Your hair also seems very soft and healthy.

  2. Thanks! I love having fun with my hair... All of the white people in my building are like amazed by how much i change my hair, a lot of them dont even recognize me sometimes if i look way different or something = )
    I've really been trying my best to keep it moisturized and healthy... after much trial and tribulation i feel like i've finally gotten it right!

  3. Your hair is soo awesome. It is just growing growing. Im a little jealous (l0l) Keep the post coming....


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