Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair Crush: Janet Mock

I think I found my hair crush in writer and journalist Janet Mock. She rocks the big hair I love and those looks like chocolate and caramel colors. As soon as I grow out these fuschia hi-lights I'm going to copy her. By then my hair will should be longer too.

As a side note: it came out a few weeks ago that Janet Mock was born a male. It's been met with a lot of the usual crappy commentary about her being an abomination and all. What I found funny was that I had just learned who Janet Mock was about two weeks prior to her sharing her story with Marie Claire because I was watching a documentary called Dressed (about fashion designer Nary Manivong) where she made an appearance due of her friendship with the designer. I saw her big curly hair and instantly fell in love, especially with the color. Her being born a male doesn't take away from my crush and actually, reading her story is pretty interesting. I have no idea what it must've felt like for her to grow up the way she did, but I think it was brave for her to share her story.

I'm mad interested in her hair routine though, it looks great!

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  1. Wow, I can't even tell. Her hair is still gorgeous regardless of what she was born as.


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