Monday, May 2, 2011

Twisted TWA Updo

I started to pre-poo last night using Wild Growth Oil to massage my scalp and started to play with my hair because the oil made it so soft. I decided to twist a piece of hair in the front just to see how it would hang and realized that it looked really cute because my hair was still sort of stretched from the rollerset and twist out. I didn't add any product, nor did i comb or part, just grabbed section by section, finger detangled and started to twist. I was going to try mini twists originally but knew that i just wouldn't have the patience so i did small/medium twists instead. I started around 10pm.... Then the great news that Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed came on!!!! Yay!!! I sat, watching NY1, feeling a sense of pride for Americans, New Yorkers, and President Obama...twisting until 12:30am! When i was done, i was surprised by how much i actually loved my twists.. wrapped em' up and got to bed.

I originally had no plans of doing anything to my twists so i used roller clips to hold them down under my scarf, as i didn't want them to be sticking up the next day. I was very happy that it worked and was very comfortable to sleep on. I basically pinned the twists down in the direction i wanted them to fall, as if i were wrapping them.
Upon taking my scarf down in the morning, i thought the hanging twists looked cute but it just wasn't doing it for me so i decided to try putting up the sides.
Having the sides pinned up was cute but i wasn't crazy about the twists hanging in the back so i continued to twist my hair up in random rows, using push pins (the U shaped ones) to secure my hair. Love it!!! I'm going to keep my scarf on every night and try my best to keep this style for at least a week and then wash in these twists and probably re-do the same style for another week. I want to try and wear these twists for at least a week and a half to two weeks as a protective style. I think i will wear them up for the most part and when i'm going to take them out, i will do a twist out and try to rock it for a few days too.

& Length Reflections...
 I was feeling down about my hair lately because i'm really tired of the look of short hair, but seeing that i can do an updo with my twists led me to feel a little better about my hair and the lengths i am soon to reach. I decided to measure my hair and realized that my hair is now 5inches! I just met my one year mark since last coloring on April 29th, and knowing that i cut some hair off when i BC'ed again in october and my 1/2 inch trim back in February, i basically retained all of my length for the year! With that being said and knowing that my hair grows a little faster in the summer, i'm looking forward to seeing what my hair will look like by the end of summer. I do need about a 1/4-1/3 inch trim which i was planning to do with the New Moon this Wednesday, but being that i know i will be busy these next two weeks, i am going to try to continue protective styling and trim with the Full Moon on May 17th.


  1. Thanks! I must say i'm enjoying it myself! I think i like the twists better now that i have a little length to put them up until they get longer and hang in bob-ery fashion :)

  2. Your twists are so cute! Your hair is definitely growing.

  3. Thanks GBB and Neshe! Just trying to try something new with this new little bit of length i got, lol... a little bit at a time until im in a ponytail!


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