Monday, May 9, 2011

The Traveling Natural (District of Columbia Edition)

So I realized I never reported about the status of my hair when I went to the District of Columbia (Washington) a couple of weeks ago. I didn't do anything special. It was a busy week and I had zero time to wash before I left. But I packed coconut oil, Oyin Whipped Pudding, and some bobby pins and went on my way. Since I took the bus I put some plaits in my hair, and then when I arrived at my hotel in Foggy Bottom, I freshened up and took my plaits out. That was pretty much my routine. I wore my hair in loose ponytails/buns. It was rainy out there and I really did not want to fuss over my hair. Just wanted to enjoy the short break out of town.

frizzy braid out that got pulled into a ponytail

nom nom

My hair was being a little funky because it needed to be washed and I could feel the build up. And with the weather being humid my hair swelled up! I wasn't too happy about that but I did wash my hair when I got back. As far as what I did in DC, I did touristy things; Rode the metro, visited the Smithsonian, saw a protest in front of the White House, ate at well-known local eateries like Dukem for Ethiopian food on U street, ate some home made ice cream and yummy cupcakes from Larry's in Dupont Circle and had seafood at Clyde's in Georgetown. From my observation about natural hair, I didn't see many! I went to a lot of different neighborhoods. I saw a lot of extensions/weaves but I couldn't tell if they were natural under that. I did spot a women with a TWA while in Georgetown but that was it. (Any DC naturals out there can tell me how it is?)

Anyway, I'm actually about to head out of town again (ugh) in another couple of weeks and for a bit longer. You already know what question is on my mind...


  1. I live in the DMV and I am SHOCKED you didn't see naturals all over the place. I work downtown and I feel very comfortable that I am in like company. I just gave a shout yesterday to my fellow DMV ladies because several of my blog readers stopped me to say 'Hi' the previous week. Locks are very popular here, as are weaves I concede. But the natural hair community and service industry are strong here!

  2. thanks for letting me know! I could've sworn there were many DMV naturals because ya'll are all over the forums/blogs but I just didn't see any o__O other then the ones mentioned...


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