Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Setting Some New Length Goals

For those who don't know, i've never really had long hair. I've seen pictures of myself as a child with shrunken twists, afro puffs and braids that indicated that i had hair that was at least shoulder length, but never anything much longer. I decided to go completely natural about 2 years ago when i started to transition. I was one of those people who believed my hair just didn't grow past shoulder length and because of my very fine hair, i figured natural shoulder length hair is better than relaxed, thin, lifeless shoulder length hair. 
When i started all of my research on natural hair, i came across so many women with long natural hair, which was something I had never seen before. All you usually saw was the women with "good hair" who were still natural or older women with low cuts or locks, for the most part, everyone else was relaxed. Even being half Brazilian, i attributed all of the black women's hair in Brazil to the fact they had to be mixed somehow (All ignorance, i know). Now that i know and understand my hair growth and hair care, i think it's safe to say i can sort of predict what lengths i will reach with regular 1/2 inch trims every 3-4 months.
Length Goals:
FNL by August 2011
FSL by Halloween 2011
FAPL by June 2012
FBSL New Years 2013
FWL New Years 2014
FHL Summer 2014
I would like to start maintaining my hair at hip length or when my hair is shoulder length in a shrunken wash n go. So yes, i know some of these goals are far out (only 3 years) but that's what makes them goals :)
I really can't wait to get out of this TWA stage, as i know my hair will be so much more managable once i can put it into ponytails and larger braids and twists. I loved my short natural hair too, don't get me wrong, but for my textures and the look i like to maintain, this in-between stage is just rough. When it's short you just continue to washngo, when it's long you start throwing it back in ponytails and buns. When it's at medium length? Uhg. Constant twist-outs and styling... (for me anyway) My hair is almost back to where it was before I BC'ed last year in October so i'm excited to be getting into some length as this year goes on!
This is Louel, Louel83 on YouTube and she is my biggest hair inspiration because i feel like we have very similar hair textures: a range of fine/medium, small frizzy-ish waves; Also a full head of hair that gets huge, but not  massive amount of hair. (this is a picture of her hair damp, before any major shrinkage)... It feels as though i get a sneak peak of what my hair will look like when it starts to hang and do all of the lovely things i want it to do... or at least i hope because her hair is awesome!

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