Sunday, April 3, 2011

Length checks :)

So I haven't done a length check since December and upon taking my braids out i noticed i had some growth! Yippeee! lol I know i said i was going to keep them for a month, like i always say, but i've definitely learned something about myself and my scalp: 2 WEEKS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME!!! lol Since i've gone natural my scalp has been spoiled with being washed at least 2x a week and really does not take kindly to anything less. I tried washing my hair while in the braids for the 1st time (the last 2 times i just went two weeks without washing) and it wasn't terrible, but moreso just like a rinse for my scalp, i can't say i got any real cleansing/cleaning done. I could have fought it and kept the braids in longer but i plan to job hunt and i got some new exciting products i wanted to try! (I will definitely be telling you about them very soon).
As for the braids, i will put them in again very soon and continue to do them myself for 2 week periods at a time because it's hard for me to keep them longer than that... it will also help me get a little practice with doing them faster and neater.

I trimmed my hair 2 months ago in the begining of February (about a half inch) and i do not plan to trim again until at least June, aside from snipping out any SSK's i can find.
I'm thinking Full Neck Length will definitely be attainable by my birthday in June or very soon after... cant wait!
Just some texture shots :)


  1. I <3 the curls here! can't wait till it's summer just to see what you'll be rocking =)

  2. Your hair is soooooo gorgeous!!! And the color is fab too :)

  3. Thanks Lovlies!

    I can't wait for summer either! That means, more length, wash n gos and more styles!!


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