Sunday, April 10, 2011

iBananaclipped TWA Style

So i used to wear my hair like this like everyday when i was in high school:
Up and back in a banana clip 
(I was soo in love with my hair! It was lightly texturized and dyed a caramel color)
So i found my banana clips and decided to go for it! I prepepped my hair by co-washing, adding some Vatika Olive Oil, Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, and put my hair into 4 little curly puffs to let it dry stretched out a bit. Once dried a little, took out the bands, lifted at the roots and use a little more water and gel to smooth my hair back. Knowing that all of my hair wouldn't fit back into the banana clip, i prepared to do a pompadour with whatever hair i couldnt smooth back into the banana clip.  
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I feel like a banana clip is the perfect way to put your hair back if your hair is not a ponytailable length yet, one of my favorite hair accessories of all time!
So you gentle guys and gentle ladies let me know if i'm too pic heavy on these posts sometimes, but i believe when showing hair, especially hair styles, its better to give multiple angles so you can see how the style will look when dressed up and out, and how it was executed. 
Fakin' it until I'm makin' it with the banana clip! aaeeeooowww! lol
All you hair growers, how do you fake length until you make it?


  1. I can never get my hair in a banana clip, I want to so bad, but it just will not work! Maybe I should stop trying to squeeze all my hair in and do a pomp like you lol

  2. It actually looks really nice. I like the fact that you take what you got and you work with it. You have been making the length work for you. I love the fact that you show all angles of your hair. Keep doing what you do.

  3. @ LaNeshe No? Why not? Ur hair is mooooore than long enough, just try to find the hugest banana clip you can! lol Goody has some really long ones (i'll take a pic and post it just for you :)

    @goldenbrownbeauty Thanks! Great to have positive feedback so i'll try to keep up the good work :) I like ur lil golden puff in your pic too

  4. @SPstyles - thanks lol...maybe I'm not getting the RIGHT clips.

  5. Yeah... i feel like there are a lot of banana clips out there that are too small, not bendy (for a lack of better words right now), not long enough, not wide enough... the ones i have i've had since highschool and they're just plain, goody(i think) banana clips, around 8 inches long, and they snap tightly and have a wide mouth... mucho better for lots of natural curly hair! I think they're also better on wet hair when trying to slick back shorter lengths anyways


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