Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1st Braid out!

As usual, there was a small change of plans...
So i was about to get ready to do my cornrows for the braid out when i noticed that my color was looking kind of washed out so i decided to color my hair. I really wanted to try the braid out on my blowdried hair but i figure i'll just do it on my wet hair and re-braid or flat twist the following night (all for the love of color!)

After washing, i detangled and separated section by section (without parting, except for the front part) and did my 8 braids using Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. For one, I love this stuff!!! Wet or dry, i've been using it for the past 2 or 3 days and i love it! When it says it holds down edges, i mean man, does it hold down those edges!!! And smells soooo good, like i just wanna lick my fingers or something, lol. Okay, no need to review this later. It provides great shine and hold with out any crunchy, greasy or sticky residue. When detangling and applying the product, my curls were loving it too so i can't wait to try this for a wash and go as it seems it may have a lot of products beat in my book... can we say "Please make this stuff in bigger jars please?!" I also want to try doing a roller set using this gel since it holds great but dries soft. Seems like it would be the perfect product for rollersetting and curlforming (when my hair is long enough to do so).
On to the Results!

I'd call it a success. I rebraided the one braid in the front though because it didn't look as good and i know why... i applied the product before detangling on this one particular braid, which made it hard for me to detangle. The hair in this section wasn't fully detangled. The rest of the braids i detangled first, applied product, and then combed through again to evenly distribute in each section. Also, because it wasn't fully detangled, it made it hard for me to braid so it wasn't as tight and secure, therefore left frizzy and not as well defined. I had a feeling i should have tried to start over on that braid last night but i was tired so, oh well... lol. I think throwing the braid back in looked cute anyways.

Because i did the braid out on wet hair instead of blown out hair, it is kind of shrunken and doesn't have the bob look as much... i think tonight if i have the time i may try doing flat twist on it to see if it'll stretch out a little more.


  1. Hey SP, hey Curly; I am Dan Waters (I found both of y'all from Curly's comment at my blog).

    I come to you both to humbly ask...please help. Help me and my hair. While I have white-hair features, I think being part Native American has left me with an oddity. I...can't brush my hair. Even when wet. It gets into such a blowout that even running my fingers through my hair is nigh impossible unless I use heavy conditioners, and even then, it only lasts for two or three days. I am thinking of doing braids to try and help with growing out length, because that worked in the past as well.

    So can you two help a brother on his last breath of trying to control his natural hair? I mistreated it for so long trying to get lighter and whiter hair, and I think it's kicking my ass for it.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for stopping by, we've got you covered. For now the first thing I'd recommend is a wide tooth comb instead of a brush (not those skinny breaky ones either). We'll do a post about your needs soon tho =)

  3. Since you guys are so kind, I decided to let you folks laugh a little and see what I used to do to my hair.

    Oh, and my Orlando Bloom crush in my teens.

  4. Yes Daniel, it's possible you have a lot of color damage, bleaching will definitely do that, making the hair weak and stringy, causing it to tangle easily. I would honestly skip the comb and buy a Tangle Teezer (search it in google). I have one and love it and use it many different clients with all different hair types as well. There are rave reviews about it too.

    If your hair only seems to last every 3 days after washing, maybe you should start a regimen of washing every 3 days, deep condition every time for your bleach treated hair, and if decide to get braids, go for it! Braids are always lovely :) hope that helps!

  5. @SP Thankfully my hair is no longer bleached. That pic is from the early years. It just seems that since I went natural, my hair is kicking my ass.

    While I have a lot of elasticity, the spit ends and knots are enormous. I will definitely buy a tangle teezer, I read some of the reviews and I think it'll be a fit.

    As for conditioners, should I go by what your profile-lists suggest?

  6. No problemo :) Depending on your hair, it may like something different from what we suggest so i would say testing a few conditioners may be a good bet for you... as for one i would recommend? Herbal Essence Hello Hydration seems to be a favorite among many with so many different hair types and its not expensive. Give it a try! :) As for other products, curly film chick has done many a post on her stash and gives great product reviews! You may find something you like :)


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