Monday, April 4, 2011

New Color and Curlform'ed Hair (Full Post)

Alright so if you cared enough to see the teaser post, you'll notice that I did color my hair. My old hi-lights were getting dull and faded and I was ready to try something new. I used Manic Panic Fuchsia and focused on applying it to my hi-lights since that hair is already bleached and the color would show there. This was the first time doing my own color and--well let's just say I made a huge mess. I don't even want to discuss how much I had to clean. But anyway, I put in some curl formers, set my hair with Eco Styler Gel (the clear kind) and here were the results:

I really loved the color, the curl former set and the hold of Eco Styler gel. Many thanks to the little sister for that. Anyway, I decided to do some of the curls over because I wanted really defined curls in the front, especially since I took some of the curl formers out before my hair was fully dry. So I added some more gel and popped some rollers back in. Took them out this morning and decided to do a simple style

I simply put some of my hair in a banana clip and let the rest hang loose. Folks at the office stopped to tell me how much they loved my hair and the kids were excited that I had added color. I talked about hair a lot today with different people of all ages. Hope you like =)

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