Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Entering the Bob.

I've had my hair blown out for the past 3 days now since i've taken out my braids and it seems as though i'm noticing something new about this new found bit of length everyday...
The First night after blowing out my hair i put it up in a puff to sleep and picked it out and wore an afro again the next day. That night i discovered i could put my hair into 2 cornrows for the first time in 'forever' and again wore an afro the next day (yesterday). Last night to go to sleep i was feeling lazy to do the 2 cornrows again so i put my hair into 4 cornrows instead; Parted my hair into 4 equal sections, cornrowed the front from crown to the ears on each side, and the back from the crown to the bottom of the nape on both sides. When i took it out this morning, it was soo cute! Like i had a mini Bob! I do have a mini Bob! Woop! Woop! I just joined the Bob club! lol
(Okay. Done Celebrating.)

 So like i said, it's definitely a mini bob, but its a bob nonetheless =) I can't wait until my hair looks like this without being stretched, it's super cute! I am going to do a dry either twist out or braid out tomorrow, putting the braids or twists in tonight. I want it to fall in this mini bob fashion so i'm going to do 8 braids/twists, sectioning the same way i did last night, just splitting those sections in half... Be back with the results!


  1. Very cute! Nothing wrong with celebrating hair milestones lol

  2. I've thought about blowing my hair out for the first time since I cut my relaxed ends. Looks good on you.

  3. Thanks LaNeshe! Celebrating My Metaphoric Mini Bob!

    @ Tonia Thanks! You should try it! Be sure to use a heat protectant so as to prevent heat damage! My favorite is CHI 44 Iron Guard, smells so good too :)


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