Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Question: Justifying Style Choices

I'm sure many of you who've been rocking natural hair for a bit have witnessed some of the divisions the community has created; some believe you aren't natural if you color your hair, straighten it often, wear roller sets, etc. I remember being startled once by a woman on the train who asked how long had I been natural prior to coloring my hair. I told her I was still natural and she insisted that since I colored my hair I wasn't. I didn't have all the time in the world to explain to her why I felt I was still natural, but I'll admit I felt compelled to do so, especially since she was newly natural and seemed disappointed.

Then, there are those of us who rock twist-outs, braids outs, fros, wash-n-gos, locks, and other natural styles and are questioned by others about "the whole natural thing." One time, a cousin told me that while my hair is cute, why didn't I do the "wet" look when it comes to showing off my curls. I wanted to explain to her that I liked big, semi-defined hair because it felt more me, but then I was insulted because I would never say to her why was she always wearing her beloved Remy hair.

With warm weather comes more BBQs and other gatherings and your hair might be the topic of discussion by both naturals and non-naturals a like so tell us; Have you ever had to justify your style choices?

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  1. Natural really should mean "chemical free." Permanent haircolor does texturize the hair strands. Excessive heat styling can cause the hair strands to become permanently straight. In my opinion, if one has to alter their natural born texture with haircolor, heat, or any other chemical, is not 100% natural.

    However, if one is dissatisfied with their natural born texture and need more control without going "European straight" should embrace the haircolor and texturizers optioins as needed to meet their styling goals.

    With that said, I would consider a new category of hair called "chemically enhanced, natural hair styling." It is all good!


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