Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Ultimate Leave-in: Water

I forgot to mention that I had to re-washed my hair Monday night when I did my pompadour style (which I'm rocking again today, I love it!) because it felt a little dry and it looked a bit dull. I wondered if it was just one of those time when I put too much product in my hair.

So I re-washed with Yes To Cucumbers, conditioned with Pantene Pro-V Dry to Moisturized Conditioner and rinsed it all out. While my hair was wet I sealed my strands with some Vatika Oil, then added some Eco Styler Gel and loosely braided my hair in four plaits. My hair felt (and still feels) soft and shiny, curls are mostly defined, and best of all, still moisturized!

Lesson of the day: Water is a natural's friend!


  1. I agree! Water is the best moisturizer for our hair. I find that when purchasing hair products the first ingredient has to be water.

  2. @Ang: Agreed, water should be the first ingredient!


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