Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Question: Your Natural Hair at the Beach

This coming week is my birthday and I'm off to Virginia Beach! I can't wait to get out of NYC for a bit and spend some time with my sister, her boyfriend and my fiance, and we even like each other enough to be driving down there together - road trip/double date should be fun!

It's not just beach/vacation time for me, I know many naturals are headed off to great places like the Caribbean, and wonder what we should be doing with our hair. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine posted a hair emergency on Facebook because she's heading to the Bahamas and wants to know what she can do to manage her hair quick and easy. Some people suggested a weave but since I've never worn a one I could only tell her what I planned to do for my beach excursions: pack shampoo, conditioner and an oil and be on your way with braid outs, twist outs, bantu-knots and wash-and-gos! I'm not sure exactly which I'll be rocking down in Virginia, but I know those are my options (and trust I will still be wearing a sun hat and sunscreen!)

 But tell me, what's your natural hair going to look like for your time a la playa (at the beach)?

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  1. I'm on vacation in San Diego right now. One mistake I made was not bringing shampoo. I don't usually use shampoo (I co-wash only) but I should have brought some kinky curly come clean for after swimming. Instead I had to use hotel shampoo. Every night I've just been co-washing and putting my hair in twists for a twist out the next day, it's been working great!


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