Friday, January 20, 2012

Great Day @ the MOMA

An old friend of mine randomly hit me up this morning and invited me out to the MOMA! I was so psyched when I got there because it had totally slipped my mind that the Diego Rivera display was on now! His work is so real and truthful, he's definitely one of my favorite artists. You're not supposed to take pictures... but I managed to sneak one..
Circa 1932

I had a great day walking around the museum, taking pics and staring at whatever I so pleased, but one of the most awesome things was my hair! My friend kept touching it and making the comment that my afro looked so "Juicy." Lol I think it's time for a nick name change. My mane is now Her Majesty aka Juicy..... I think my hair has a stripper name now, lol ... Anyhoo, I have been getting many compliments or people staring and smiling, while wearing my fro'. Some white guy even thought I was a black supremecist last week as he whispered a political statement to me while getting on the train (I'm automatically Angela Davis now). Funny thing is, for the most part, I like wearing my hair curly more but I get way more compliments and attention when I wear my fro. #grassisalwaysgreener 
All in all I had a great day and even in all of this NYC wind right now, a great fro'.
Some gratuitous shots of today's fro':
Would you call that Juicy? lol 

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