Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Just Graduated from the TWA Academy!

It's been super hectic for me since I've started at Wilhelmina. I'm learning better time management and with needing to look decent for work, I live in twist outs! I try my best to twist my hair up every night, not always in the same exact twist pattern, and sometimes I may just put my hair into little pony tails. Of all things important, I'm doing my best to never go to sleep without a satin/silk scarf or bonnet on my head. In the begining of the winter I was having a bit of trouble with dryness, but now with a little regimen adjustment and my handy dandy bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, my hair has been soft, moisturized, and I can really see the length I'm retaining now! One other thing about my regimen, I've been staying away from heat and I would say that has made a big difference as well. Since twist outs and I seem to love each other, I am going to stick to what I've been doing, as I'd love to retain my full 3 inches by summer! The crazy thing is, though I've been the busiest in my life like ever, this is also the best care I think I have ever taken of my hair, all which I attribute to finally understanding...
The coolest part of this all?! I finally feel like my hair is longer and not a TWA anymore! 
It's almost all going in to a ponytail holder and I really can't wait to just be able to get a little lazy with my hair. I will probably straighten my hair once more before it gets warm, maybe some time in March or something so I'll do an official length check then...               
(The hair in these photos was from putting my hair in a ponytail after washing, then blowing the back out because it was still wet inside)
 These photo's are today's photos of a failed twist out that I pulled back into a banana clip.
All in all I see the effects of my hard work paying off, and in some ways I would say even the hard work I haven't been doing. Since I've been so busy I guess my hair has been more low manipulation, especially because on days off I would try my best to keep my hair twisted up, keeping the HIH syndrome at bay. Lol

I have to say, it feels good to feel like I finally "get it" when it comes to my hair and to be graduating from the TWA academy and leaving all those super awkward stages behind!

For all of you ladies who have started from a short haircut, how did it feel when you Graduated from the TWA academy?


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