Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to Braids!

Snow has finally decided to show up in NYC (which hasn't happened since October) and for some reason this reminded me that I wanted to do a long-term protective style. I've been having a blast with my flexi rods sets because they last until my next wash day and I think the curly-bob is cute!

So I learned that we'd be hit with some snow and started randomly missing braids. As I've mentioned before, Wednesday is my usual mid-week wash day. I set my hair on some curl formers to stretch my hair out Wednesday night, wore it out Thursday and braided my hair last night while re-watching some Futurama episodes.

I think I've gotten a lot better with parting!

I probably will keep these braids in for about a week. I'm enjoying the length and how I won't have to do much to my hair this week - back to low maintenance!
What are your hair plans for the week?

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