Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's Question: Is Your Natural Hair Routine "High" or "Low" Maintenance?

My Bentonite Clay mixture

At this very moment, I'm sitting here with Bentonite Clay in my hair (and on my face). I love this stuff. I love applying it and I love how great my hair feels once I rinse it out. After I rinse this out I'm going to condition with Suave, use Aphogee for some light protein and apply TreSemme as my leave-in and seal with coconut or Vatika oil. Then I'm going to set my hair some flexi-rods using Eco-Styler gel. Is all this too much for my natural  hair? I personally don't think so, but that's a matter of opinion.

I hear sometimes that natural hair is high maintenance which dissuades some to transition to natural hair.  Some of us naturals tend to even make fun of those who we feel "do too much" like daily co-washing and intricate styles. The one thing we have to keep in mind is that all grooming practices are personal, and hair is included. My sister jokes that I'm in my hair way too much, because I wash and style twice a week and she can't imagine having to do all that hair so often, while I think leaving your hair alone for too long - while ideal because of time and other obligations- really isn't for me. I enjoy what I perceive to be a simple routine for my hair that aligns with how I wish to present myself and practical grooming.

But I am curious, what do you guys think is "too much?" Would your routine be perceived as "high" or "low" maintenance?

ETA: I would consider my routine "low to medium" because depending on the week, I'll just wash and bun OR set my hair. 


  1. Low, low, low maintenance. I wash every 2 or maybe 3 weeks and I wear twists and twist-outs as I please. And get this, the less product I use, the better my hair feels and the more it grows :-)

  2. Neems, we are on the same page!! I just don't want to be bothered and I have to say my hair looks great (most of the time :) and is healthy.

  3. @ Neems & Anonymous: Very true! Once you leave your hair alone it seems to do its best. I just can't go a long time without washing my hair because then my scalp feels like its on fire!

  4. I've always been lazy about my hair, but since I've been transitioning, I feel uber proud of myself if I wash it once a week!

    And coming for a total salon slut, that is saying something....LOL


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