Monday, January 23, 2012

Reader Question: What Twist Pattern Do I Use For My Twist-Outs?

This post is an answer to reader Melyssa's questions: was that a twist or braidout? Do you think you could post a picture of the placement of your flat twists?
Hey Melyssa & all other readers who have been wondering the same thing, here is a link to photos of how I generally place my flat twists to achieve my twist out looks. I generally always use this same pattern when flat twisting my hair for a twist out, but I only part perfect lines when I'm planning to wear the twists for a few days. Otherwise, when I do flat twists just to twist-out in the next day or two, I 'll just separate my hair with my fingers in those same sections and flat twist my hair like this, because trying to hide those perfect parts is really hard. If I want to wear my twist out with a part the next day, I will only use a comb to make a straight part, and then separate the rest with my fingers. I sometimes switch the placement up a little, lately by adding just one single strand twist right at the crown of my head so it won't be flat on top, but for the most part it's just a variation of the same thing... a little trial and error =)
I guess I should also mention that from time to time I do single two strand twists, randomly placed to hang the way I like by twisting my hair in the direction I want my hair to hang
She also asked if I do braid- outs... I did one, and I liked it, but I much prefer twist outs because they resemble the natural curl of my hair

I plan to do a video of how I twist & twist-out my hair and also how to pic a perfectly rounded fro'... 

Thanks for asking, I'm happy to answer

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  1. yaaaay! thanks for this post! *does the cabbage patch* lol

    i'm in braids now and scouring the net for the secrets to a perfect fro to live vicariously through others when i remembered to check back to see if you ever answered my question, lol. thanks! i'll bookmark this so i can try your technique when i take these braids down.


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