Saturday, September 10, 2011


Originally I wasn't sure if I wanted to participate in Fashion's Night Out, but just in case, and with fall steadily approaching here in NY, I rinsed my hair blue/black to prepare for the weekend. I decided I wasn't really in the mood to do anything for Fashion's Night Out this year, so instead I fashionably met up with a few friends for drinks. Even though I didn't go to any events, it was nice to see everyone out and about in the city again in the Fashion's Night Out best.
My good friend who i've known forever who always seems to be the style Yin to my Yan... this night we both wore Navy Blazers and Orange lips... who knew?! (I know, I'm not wearing my blazer in this picture... and  I should have taken an outfit photo for you all! Darn!)
One of the coolest things I have to say about that night, was everyone i was with was either natural or transitioning. I can't wait to see what the streets of 2012 will look like... curlies everywhere!!! 

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