Friday, September 9, 2011

Low Sleek Side Buns at NYC's Fashion Night Out

Yesterday I attended some events for NYC's Fashion Night Out with some friends. The city was like one big block party without music in Soho and the West Village. There were sales, gifts, cocktails and fashion shows at various stores. It was cool.

While at Loehmann's, I noticed that the models in the fashion show they were having rocked low, sleek side-buns. I thought they were gorgeous. I'm not one who really keeps up with trends much so I have no idea if this style is "in" for the season but I'm suddenly interested in trying the look:

Even some sleek ponytails like this appeal to me

If you guys notice, I don't exactly wear my hair "sleek." It's always poofy and big; I don't slick my hair back or lay my edges down. I think it's a combination of me being too lazy to do so and that it can be difficult to get the sleek look because I have a ton of "highly textured" hair. I'm going to try this weekend to create a sleek and low side-bun without using heat. Wish me luck!

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