Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So again, i was supposed to go out the other night for Fashion Week but this adorable little outfit i pulled together, ended up looking like hot trash by the end of the night so i didn't go :( 
I was so upset because i put a lot of time and effort into my makeup and look for it to suck but whatever...
Color w/ flash
Color w/o flash

I went to Sephora in search of a new lip color to wear out for the night and instead stumbled across this beautiful new eye shadow from NARS called Outremer and I'm in love!!! It was costly at $23 for the one palette, but i love the color, the little case it comes in, and the fact that it includes a mirror. It goes on like a dusty navy if you apply lightly, and if you pack it on it gets as bold as it looks. The image below is the ad for the makeup itself and where i decided to draw inspiration from. I didn't want to use the same exact colors as her, as i had a bit of a different view in mind.
The Starting point of the inspiration...
Below is the finished look, lashes, lightly filled in brows, and everything included and i must say i'm quite pleased with the way it turned out... even though i didn't go anywhere.... lol. I'm not really one to wear much makeup, as I feel like black liner is my go to for best accentuating my features, but I plan to start dolling it up a little bit more from time to time.
This color is looking awesome with my new Blue/Black Fro so this might be my color for the winter!
What do you think?

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