Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Embracing Shrinkage With Two-Strand Twists

It appears now that my hair is arm-pit length and my bangs reach my chin. I'm excited because it felt like my hair wasn't growing and then all of a sudden it has--maybe by the end of the year I'll be creeping to the bra-strap? Guess we'll see...

Anyway, last weekend I washed my hair and decided to twist while wet. My hair wasn't sopping wet, but it's change for me because usually I twist on dry and/or stretched hair.

Now, the reason why I like this set is because it's shape: I twisted the back first so it shrunk up the most and the front sections of my hair hang longer because they were damp when I started working on them. I have a cute bob that I've really been enjoying this week...

my little ponytail
This simple style has made me really think about wet vs dry styling a lot more. I know some naturals prefer dry styling (or damp) because the hair hangs better but I notice that wet styling helps the hair "set" and last longer. I've been moisturizing my hair with SheaMoisture's Hair Milk and sealing (the moisture) with Vatika Oil--which I didn't know gets a little solid as the weather gets colder.

I'm curious, do you guys prefer to style wet or dry? What are the pro and cons for you?


  1. I like to twist my hair right after I wash it...for some of the reasons you mentioned: it holds better and lasts longer. Plus, I find if I set it when it's wet I use less product. After the initial twist, I do dry twist it at night (in larger twists) to maintain. I also don't notice a difference in shrinkage. Love your twists and how you wear them. I always undo mine because I'm too lazy to really twist my hair so neat. :)

  2. Yes I notice less products needs to be used when twisting wet. Thanks for the compliment!


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