Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair Crush: Mel B. aka Scary Spice!

 I just know that deep down inside everyone, they loved the Spice Girls! I remember the days of jumping on the bed with my cousin, stereo blasting, screaming Spice Up Your Life! I know some of you can relate to always having to be the "black one" whenever you played pretend, me always having to be Scary Spice... or being teased and called Scary Spice, lol. I didn't care though because I loved her funky style, spunky attitude, and that hair!!! I guess you can say she's one of my life long hair crushes.
One of my favorite things about her hair, besides those seemingly perfect curls and coils, was always her choices in hair color. For the most part they always complimented her and her curls well, in beautiful chocolates, caramels, and blondes. To think of it, while google-ing for images of her, I really didn't come across a photo of her with fudged up hair... Straight, curly, or naturally curly, her hair always seems to exude strength, shine and health, I love it!

It's been a while since the Spice Girls but Melanie Brown seems to be doing well, as she is in ideal shape and seems to be a great mother. Now that she is a mommy I love her childrens hair too and she seems to take good care of it, her eldest daughter with those gorgeous curls, and lil murphy with the adorable Fro-hawk. Some may beg to differ with her shaving her daughter's hair into a mohawk, but she is an adorable and very happy looking little girl so I see no harm in it. You only live once and hair will always grow back.... let's not forget people that her mom is Scary Spice! lol
And don't forget to spice up your lives!

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