Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hair for the Week: Side Swept Twist Pin-Up

I was bored with my hair yesterday and decided that I wanted a protective style. I checked some of the blogs I follow for inspiration and once again, Her Best Hair won me over with the Vacation Updo. What I really loved about it was the idea of the "side-swoop" with twists. I love bangs and side parts so I decided to use this look. Although my style isn't an updo, the style I did does give me that option:

As you can see, I did single two-strand twists in the back, flat twists on the side, and then a mixture of flat twists and single two-strand twists in the front, then pinned them to the side. Twists galore! I played in my hair a bit, and using bobby pins I also got these styles:

A side bun...

Half updo...

Hair pinned to one side...

This style is very versatile to me and I like it a lot. I can really see this as an elegant style to go out to dinner or an afternoon hang-out. And yes, I would/am going to wear this to work. In my opinion it's all how you pin it up. The bobby pin is you friend for this style.

Hope you all like!


  1. That is super cute. I may have to try it, but I feel like it won't work as well until my hair gets longer.

  2. thanks ladies! and @ Tia thanks for continuously being creative and inspirational with your styles!


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