Friday, December 24, 2010

Trying: Bentonite Clay

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I posed a question on the Curlynikki forum the other day about using henna for all it's benefits other than dye release. Now that my hair is hi-lighted, I've been a little manic about preserving my color, at least for now because I don't want any sort of red in my hair. I proposed to use just water in my mix instead of green tea (or anything acidic that would release the color). Some suggested using cassia and amla and even Bentonite clay. After doing a quick search I thought that the clay would be a good idea. I vaguely remember reading about it when I first started browsing natural hair blogs and I went right back to these blogs. I found some information that's really appealing to me, as told by the website Anita Grant it removes build up from the scalp and hair leaving it clean, like a clarifier. It's also great for skin which is good news because I have eczema.

What I'm thinking about now is in what ways I can mix it for my hair. There are various recipes floating around from other naturals, and I'm thinking of this one from Honey Brown Sugar because she used honey and I love adding honey to my hair (that's what both SP and I use in our henna mixes.) I'm going to do a treatment today so I'll update everyone in a couple of days on the results. Till then, Happy Holidays and be safe!

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