Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Afro @ the Party Experience

So i went out on Friday night with my girls to The Skinny Bar down on Orchard St. in SoHo for a friend's birthday party and my afro became the talk of the night. When I arrived at the bar, a guy working the door told me he loved my fro! I saw many stares from girls, some good, others questioning it, and for some reason, the guys felt they could just dip their hands in it. So this one guy is trying to talk to me all night, telling me how soft my hair is and that it smells so good, putting his face in and taking deep breaths....apparently he was really attracted to my hair and i wouldn't be surprised if some of those stares from the ladies were stares of jealousy, as there were many-a-tattered weave and broken off relaxed haired girls in there.

Now of course i was flattered but i warned him not to touch a girl's hair without asking, as I have noticed since being natural this time around, that people, especially men feel like they have a right to touch just because it's natural. I  said to him "Well if a girl had relaxed hair im sure you wouldn't just touch it, and if you did you would definitely expect her to be upset," to which he agreed and understood, but went on to explain that he just had to... he was lucky he's cute, lol.

The week before that i went to a Christmas party at a friend's house and again, AFRO DIPPERS! lol
One of my good friends from cosmetology school always throws the best little get togethers,  and i'm usually the tolken black person, lol.... which i have no problem with of course but you can imagine why my afro would be a big deal. Asian and white hands in  my fro, loving the softness and puffiness.... the descriptive words have to be the funniest of all but i love it.
I feel like my afro will definitely be my style of choice for New Years since it appears to be the ideal party hair for me. Its growing so the bigger the better!!!

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