Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That

Last week I decided to blow my hair out. I pre-treated, washed, conditioned and all that, then I let my hair air dry. After that, I got my denman brush, my IC Fantasia Heat Protectant and blow dried my hair on low and on the warm setting. I got my big hair...

I actually just wore buns for the first part of the week. Then on Wednesday night I decided to do a curl former set because on Thursday and Friday I had to partake in holiday shennanigans. I used Jane Carter's Wrap and Roll (I've mentioned before I'm not a total fan of it, but I need to get rid of it!) and slept in my curl formers which isn't as uncomfortable as magnetic rollers in my opinion...

fresh out the pack
2nd day hair

I still pulled my hair back because it's still windy around these parts. I'm still trying to find a way to preserve curlformer sets. I did do a high ponytail (pineapple if you will) mostly because I was lazy and it seemed fine. I had soft waves and curls and I like the look. I'm actually going to do this again this weekend and continue this through the new year paying close attention to how my hair deals with this.

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  1. Love the fresh out pic! Can't wait until i have some hair to curl form! lol


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