Monday, December 27, 2010

My Best Curlformer Set Thus Far

I just wanted to share the results to a recent curlformer set I did. This was right after I used the Bentonite Clay. I used my usual Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in, and IC Fantasia gel. I let it air dry and then took them out a few hours later...

As I mentioned in my regimen post, I use curlformers to stretch my hair out. I may rock them for a day but then I either twist or bun. Not only did I like the way this looked, but I really liked how my hair felt. This set was so soft and moveable and felt like there was nothing in my hair and I really think that had something to do with the bentonite clay. I was tempted to really just separate the curls some more and leave my hair like this, but my biggest problem is that I don't know how to really make them last. I been trying different methods like a high pony tail, but the curls really just "droop" after that. And a bonnet just crushes them. Oh well, my hair is twisted up now anyway.


  1. I really love the versatility of natural hair! Your curls look great.

  2. your curls look fantastic. i'm tempted to try curlformers but i'm terrified they will come out looking horrible. after seeing your results, i just might give it a try.

  3. @deanna: I've had fails with curlsformers many times. I'm going to try and do a video so that folks can see how I put them in and get it to work for me


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