Monday, October 25, 2010

What was supposed to be my Winter Protective style

I had been experiencing quite a bit of split ends and single strant knots at a rapid pace, due to color damage (and a little of my own neglegence -_- ) so i finally decided to do another protective style! I got so much growth out of my braids after only wearing them for 2 weeks, so i want to challenge myself to keep this install for 3 months!!! I figured i would take this out the week before X-mas and then decide whether i wanted to go back into a weave, some other protective style, or just rock my own hair for New Years...

I bought this hair back in June with intentions to install it for my birthday. 
Because my BF likes my natural hair better than a weave, i decided not to install it. I'm so glad that i'm now finally getting to wear this hair because i love it! I bought the 10" Signature curly from

I did this weave myself; cut, color, styling, and texture blending. I hope you like!

I only have these 2 pics up because this is an old post and i only kept this in for about a week. I meant to post this sooner...  about 2 weeks ago sooner, but here's why i took this out so soon:

Athough i have absolutely no complaints about the indian weave hair, as it was beautiful and did everything i wanted it to do and more, i decided to remove this install early because my hair wasn't long enough for optimal texture blending. I do not mind wearing weaves as protective styles, but i refuse to wear a weave that doesn't look like it's mine. With this hair, my hair was obviously not as silky and has a much tighter curl. I thought i could get away with doing twist outs to blend, but at my length, i couldn't get the twist to be big enough to match the curl of the weave. I found myself flatironing and then doing twists on the flatironed hair but considering i didnt want to add too much heat to my hair, and this weave was going to be wet a few times a week, i knew it would all be defeating the purpose. My edges are coming back to life, the last thing i want to do is put unnecesary stress on them and cause them to thin and fall out again. It was fun for the week... i still have the hair and i'm pretty sure i will reuse it when my hair is longer.

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