Friday, October 29, 2010

Flattered Twa =D

I went out shopping for different things to put my Halloween costume together yesterday and i'm so excited about my costume!!! 
While in an African store (Many random African items) on St. Marks street in SoHo, I found myself kinda staring at how beautiful this girl's natural hair was. It looked shiny and healthy and although she had it pinned up, i loved the way it looked. Upon leaving the store she stopped me and asked my what i had in my hair and she loved the way it looked so curly and full. I felt so flattered that she would ask my about my little TWA when hers was back in a ponytail :::a little long hair envy::: Lol. We got to talking and exchanged info, she was really nice... i love to meet nice new naturals :)
Thanks Najm!

Tomorrow i will do my hair the same way and with the same products i used. Although i had second day hair, i plan to wash in the morning and i should be able to do the same thing... or so i hope, lol. If not, i'll post photos tomorrow and then of my second day hair the next.
Look out for the Curly TWA Fro post!

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