Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comments & Compliments

Natural hair in this day and age is definitely becoming more and more accepted again, but also very controversial. Ive seen and heard so many things about natural hair, and was just thinking of some of the compliments and comments i myself have received. I figured I'd share some with you =D

Best Compliments so far:

Wow, it's so soft. Lol
They all expect Brillo for some reason... hmm...

I walked into an Asian owned bodega and an older Asian man who had to be in at least his 50's goes:
What beautiful hair you have! wow!
I felt so flattered because i was just sporting my little curly TWA and i was especially surprised the compliment came from him.

I want your hair!
From a cute older Spanish woman who's hair actually almost looked like mine except she had a looser curl. How adorable was she!

One day I'm riding the train and i see this young white guy and he's obviously staring at me. I'm trying to avoid him at this point but i can feel him staring and as i get up to exit the train he says: I love your hair, your whole look, everything... and smiles. I said thank you and i felt so good  as i exited the train. I was just glowing all day.

I call the building i live in "The Retirement Home" because so many old people live here but its funny how all the older white people love my natural hair, and have even reached out and touched it on many occasions, telling me it's beautiful and asking me how i got it to stand up like that, lol.

And of course i love every sweet thing my boyfriend says about my hair. He's so sweet and loves playing in it. He always tells me its growing and gets mad at me when i trim it... i have to reassure him it's a good thing, lol. He makes me feel so beautiful everyday and i love the fact that he prefers me with my natural hair over weaves and relaxers. He is definitely one of the reasons why i love my natural hair.

I guess this was a compliment....

So one night while at a bar with one of my girlfriends earlier in the summer, two guys approached us and  bought us drinks. We had cordial conversation as thanks for the drinks, although it was obvious we weren't interested in them. Long story short, the guy who was talking to me thought it was okay to touch my hair during convo, out of the blue, without even asking!!! Of course i flipped on him, moving farther away as quickly as i could and definitely letting him know that what he had done was not okay.
He apologized, saying that he was just so compelled to touch it because it looked so nice and he wondered how i got it that way, also noting that he thought i was unique because not many sistas wear their natural hair. 

Looking back, that was obviously a compliment but at the same time i had to let a brotha know that you can't just be touchin' a sistas Do' like that! lol

I'm going to skip out on talking about the negative because we all see and hear that often enough =)
Its feels so good to know people out there love curly and afro haired women with their natural hair, as more and more curly/afro haired women are starting to love themselves.

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