Monday, October 25, 2010

Homemade Mixtures

Yesterday I decided to use what I had to whip up some nice stuff for my hair. I've been wearing my hair  loose this past week and probably will again this week. Due to this NYC weather I'm becoming increasingly anal about not having dry hair because I don't want my hair to break.

The first thing I did was pre-poo with Burts Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo treatment and mixed it with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I've read from The Natural Haven in this post how beneficial putting coconut oil to hair before washing to prevent the hair from swelling (and swelling can weaken hair!) I mostly pre-poo with just evco but when it's cool out I tend to break out the Avocado Butter

I applied the mixture in sections then braided my hair and left it on for about 30 minutes. Then I washed my hair with a new shampoo I'm testing Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream Organic Shampoo (which I will review later). I then finger-detangled with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and rinsed my hair thoroughtly. This combo made my hair feel really soft and silky.

I then did a deep conditioning treatment using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Honey, and a tablespoon of coconut milk. Honey has anti-bacterial properties which is good for someone like me who suffers from scalp issues. I added a little coconut milk because it detangles like a charm and I really did not feel like breaking out the comb. I feel like I put too much EVOO because the mixture was a tad runny for my liking, but it smelled amazing!

Defined curls, "naked" hair

I wrapped my hair for about an hour then rinsed with cold water and my hair was shiny, bouncy and my curls were popping. I'm going to be doing more homemade mixtures for my hair because it can be less expensive and I have a lot of stuff thats beneficial to the hairs anyway...

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