Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Love: Jojoba Oil

I mentioned before that I've been trying new products for my hair. One of the things I have been trying is jojoba oil. I picked it up from Whole Foods. All I can say is, I wish I could've tried this sooner! My hair feels so amazing with it. I spent a weekend in Connecticut about 2 weeks ago and all I brought was jojoba oil to braid my hair down at night. I used that and water to seal my hair. Read some of the benefits of this oil here.

Since I've been wearing my hair out all week and experimenting with other products, I've been taking extra care of my ends. I seal with jojoba every night and I've rubbed my scalp with it. My ends and my hair have been looking and feeling great!

My ends

This is pretty much how I wore my hair all week
I think this may be replacing my beloved coconut oil. Although I still love to pre-poo with it =)

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