Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Updates

Ohaithur, hair enthusiasts =)

SP and I (Curly Film Chick) have been so busy! Interestingly enough we are of course trying to incorporate new routines with our hair in order to fit our hectic days.

I restocked on hair essentials and have tried a couple of new products that I will review soon. Also I have some new hair styles I been working on, I'm trying to do more protective styling for this crazy NYC weather, although wearing my hair loose has been pretty good to me lately. I'm trying to get more creative! I have another idea style in mind that I plan to execute this weekend, most likely Sunday when I have my "me" time...lately I been thinking a lot about coloring my hair. I love how dark and silky it is but I also love to change it's color. Since high school I been coloring my hair using the boxed dyes and honestly never had too many issues with it other than my hair gets drier.  I had a head full of brownish red color, gold hi-lights, light brown hi-lights and my last set of orange hi-lights (done by SP herself) are now a deep red thanks to the henna. I haven't colored my hair in about 2 years and want to again. Until of course I start missing my dark hair and let the color grow out and the cycle will continue! I'm still shopping around for a place because I don't want my hair messed up and I know it will add upkeep to it. I'm thinking of a "chocolate" brown. So far I'm all for Aveda but they are pricey! I'm also afraid of going to a salon, because they've always acted afraid of my hair (haha) so we'll see if I actually go through with it.

We'll also be having a giveaway soon. Trying to decide how our followers will win on the look out for that!

Anyway, feel free to drop us a comment about what you've been doing to your hair and if you have any of your own hair blogs or interesting links to share and we'll check them out. Welcome new followers! Shouts out to follower Beauty.Mindset for putting us on her blog roll and basically being awesome! Thanks for reading!

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