Monday, September 27, 2010

Length Checks and Length Goals

Just going through some length checks i've done since cutting off all of my relaxed hair...
I've cut a lot since i started growing, due to color damage but i am steady in my goals of health over length. That being said, in these past few months i have been doing search and destroys basically on a monthly basis and have had 3, quarter inch trims.
It may not sound like a lot to trim off but 2 inches is a lot to someone who only has about 3.5  inches of hair, lol!
Because i have been so busy i have definitely fallen off of my regimen bigtime, vitamins included, but i plan to go back into some type of protective styling in the next two weeks and get back on the bandwagon with my vitamins, excersize, water, and tying my head down @ night (or buying a new satin/silk pillow case).
(March 24th, 10 days after my cutting off the relaxed ends. This is inaccurate because my eyebrows were raised and on a weird angle, causing my hair to look longer than it was, but its above my eyebrows)

(May 21st)
July 17th

September 19th

Although i have trimmed a lot i do see progress and i'm happy with it, now time to get back on track with her Majesty for the winter and see what she looks like by my birthday of 2011! 
I think i've also decided when i wanted to straighten my hair for the first time. 
I originally said for New Years but i think i will wait until 3/3/11! I think i'm going to make it my goal to go for Full Neck Length by then!
*Update! This is basically what i am going for. I personally do not want U or V shaped hair so i will be growing out the very layered portion at the bottom and leaving more layers on top and in the front.

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