Sunday, September 12, 2010

Positive Words to Describe Your Natural Hair

One thing embracing my natural curls and coils taught me was self-confidence. I realized that I felt ugly and out of place when I didn't think my hair was done. But that was just part of a larger self-esteem issue I had.

We're all about loving ourselves over here using hair as a jump off. Before I would describe my hair as unruly and unmanagable. Today, I would describe my hair as healthy, shiny and fun.

What about you hair enthusiasts? Chime in with words on positive ways you would describe your hair!


  1. Whoa? How was this post NOT answered? Lol, well I have kinky, tightly coiled, natural, even "pelo con vivo", as I heard a Cuban woman describe her hair as, once on TV.


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