Monday, September 6, 2010

SheaMoisture Review & TWA Twist Out

So as i think with all naturals, we know how necessary Shea Butter can be. After hearing and reading much rave about the Shea Moisture line, i was finally lucky enough to have some time to go to Target and pick some up myself (we don't have too many Target's here in the city). Click on Shea Moisture to read more info on the product.
I decided i wanted to twist my hair up because it was starting to feel dry from wearing my afro so much... bittersweet naturalness...
I washed my hair with Yes! To Carrots C Daily Pampering Shampoo mixed ,with a little Roux Porosity Shampoo, then deep conditioned with Giovanni Deeper Moisture Smooth as Silk Conditioner.
*These twists were done on clean, damp hair.
I decided to use my Shea Moisture Curl and Hold Smoothie for hold, shine, and moisture in case i planned on doing a twist out. If you look at the hair left out you will notice that on the right side, as compared to the left, the hair is shiner and the curls are defined. Since i was working in sections, i applied the Curl and Hold Smoothie in each section, and detangled with a large tooth comb before twisting. The hair on the right side was detangled with the Curl and Hold Smoothie, while left side was still undone.
I had planned to wear these twists for a week, but unfortunately i slept a bit wild and they became fuzzy, so my twist out came early. I used my pick to lift the roots and smoothed my edges back with my fingers using with Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I left a little hump on top cuz i loved the way the texture looked and i wanted it to show. I think it came out really nice! The Shea Moisture Curl and Hold Smoothie left my hair really smelling and feeling great and moisturized.
*One thing's for sure, make sure to follow the directions. It says to use it on damp or dry hair. I tried it on soaking wet hair once and had to wash it out and start over.


  1. Thanks so much! Trying to keep her looking good, lol

  2. hair looks great! good to see a sistah with natural beauty. +cpdaone on twitter+


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