Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tackling My Hair


I mentioned previously that I was experimenting with my hair and then due to lack of interwebs at the new place, I was unable to upload pics. But now I can. And I can explain what I've been doing. For the past couple of weeks I noticed that I had had enough of single strand knots and splits in my hair...


And so as I practiced with a rollerset, I decided that while my hair was stretched out and feeling kinda rough on the ends, to just do the search and destroy method, by sections with my hair scissors and then twist each section that I was done with...

Then I realized that once most of the SSK were out, I still had pretty rough ends which I saw were some splits. So while my hair was wet and my curls were defined, I saw each split in indivudual curls and snipped them off. Altogether, I think I took off half and inch of my strands. Which is fine with me, because my hair feels soooo much better! Although I'm certain my hair will be uneven and lopsided, I can deal with that later!

Happier hair, happier me!

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