Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Experiment, Test, Conclusion: My Straightened TWA

Straightened Hair on 09.26.11
 In this first winter of having a little length with my natural hair, I've tried straightening my hair a few times in the last couple of months, just to see what my hair would be like and if wearing it straight would be a possibility. I've learned that I definitely can wear my hair straight, but at this short length with my hair being so light and fine, I need some type of product to weigh it down a little so it's not so light and fluffy/puffy.                                        Being that I have been trimming and shaping my hair for the past year as it's been growing out, I have my longest lengths at the top of my head where I've been trimming less to let the layers grow out, and the shortest lengths around my edges where my textures are finer, tighter, and drier, therefore succeptible to more rapidly occuring split ends and single strand knots.
I also cut the back a little more blunty to avoid the afro-mullet affect I had going on. My longest lengths show my maximum length potential at 6.75", my shortest at 4". So far I haven't worn my hair down and out when straight, only in updo's or a bun; Whenever I've straightened I've gone back to curly fast because I miss my curls and my hair isn't at my ideal length, especially after trimming any split ends so my straight hair can look good. I do plan to protective style sometime soon with a weave when I figure out what kind of hair I want and allocate the money to buy it. In the meantime, I'm going to stick to twist outs and save my next straightening experience for December 24th, since I'll have time off and I can trim with the New Moon. I am just going to see how much length I can retain between now and X-mas Eve with twist outs, moisturizing and massaging, and taking my vitamins and drinking water. 
I haven't been on any special regimen or anything, I've actually been a little neglectful if anything  but my hair is still thriving and I've been making sure to overload on Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is super moisturizing and deep conditioning. With my next straightening I will make a video of the process and products I use when straightening hair if any are interested :)
After 1" haircut 09.27.11
 Hair 11.01.11

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