Thursday, March 8, 2012

Familiar Face on the NaturalStyle Magazine Cover

I got a link today from a friend about NaturalStyle Magazine. It's a quarterly publication exclusively for those who wear their hair natural. Now, the reason I got the link is because of a familiar face; my girl Tajh is featured on the cover of their next issue:

Check out NaturalStyle's facebook for more information

I may be late to the train because I've never even heard of this publication. Have any of you? I like that they have an online version as well as a physical copy. I've mentioned before that I think a natural 'zine is needed, and I know there are quite a few on the web; I'd like a print version however. I'm in NYC and all we do is commute. Reading on the subway, bus, or local coffee shop is the norm so it wouldn't hurt to have a book in hand.

Anyway, doesn't the cover look great? Tajh has amazing locks that I've played in many times since she's had them most of her life. Congrats to her for getting on the cover! Check out her tumblr and visit her ModelMayhem site.

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