Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Hairstyle: The High Bun

I'm not sure if I've ever expressed this before, but I never liked wearing high buns. I didn't really think I could rock one because, I don't know, it just looked odd to me? But thanks to this video by Mahoganycurls, I was like oh ok, maybe I could try again. While her bun looks absolutely perfect, I think today's attempt isn't so bad

(Don't mind my face, I've been really tired lately)
Not bad though right? It's a little to the side, because I love wearing side buns/ponytails. Next time I will not rush it, and maybe pull it a tad bit closer to the front of my head. I also didn't really slick my hair back with anything because I was rushing, but overall I'm pleased and feel pretty good about my hair today.

As a side, isn't it lovely that we have all these sources of inspiration on the interwebs?? In my opinion, natural hair blogs/tutorials are still very much needed, even for so-called veterans like myself.


  1. I love wearing a high bun but I just don't love the headache that comes with them. If I wore them more I know my hair & scalp would get used to them. Maybe they will become my staple style this summer.

  2. @Tia, I'm going to try and get a little more used to them


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