Monday, March 5, 2012

Willow Smith. So Cool... Too Young?

We all love Willow Smith, I think there's no doubt in that! We love her funky daring style and big personality, but is all the cool too much for her age? As a young fashionista in my own right, I was dressing myself and picking my own clothes by the time I was 5 and I took over doing my own hair by the time I got to Junior High, dyeing it by the time I was in the 7th grade. I totally understand self expression is a must and she is so unique, but sometimes I think her influences are a little too mature for her. I've seen semi-sexy pics of her around, copying images I've seen of Rihanna or Amber Rose... For me, if I was a parent I wouldn't allow my young child to think it's okay to be so sexy and mature at a young age... I would try to show her role models around her age category to pull inspiration from. I won't get into any incidents or stories but I'm sure you've read them for yourself, so I don't think I'm too wrong here, lol.
I think it's great that they allow her to have her freedom, but she needs some type of barrier or filter. It's so important that we don't let our children grow up too fast, as we all learn to realize how short our childhood really is... What ever happened to the preservation of innocence?!
What do you think? 

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  1. No, I think you are wrong and she did not copy any body. I had rihanna's hair cut way back before Rihanna did hers and it doesnt mean it originated from rihanna just because she is famous and her hair styles are known publicly easily. Willow is a talented person and her parents have permitted her to express herself, but did they tell you they havent given her boundaries? your boundaries just arent the same as theirs and yes you are right she isnt your child.


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