Thursday, March 1, 2012

Braids too ethnic for the office?

So with all these thoughts of protective styling on my mind and wanting to be able to put all of my hair away, I've been thinking of putting large extension braids back in my hair, but one question arises over and over: Are extension braids too ethnic/ghetto/unsophisticated? Now I only use these terms, not as my own feelings, but as terms I just know would be said/used to describe me or my hair if the people in my industry percieve it negatively. I could just hear them making fun of me now... "Girlfriend is giving me Dashiki!"
I guess the question is: Do I truly care about what they think?
Yes and no. I take my right to freedom of self expression through my hair very seriously as someone who changes my hair, and I haven't worked in any environment where I was told I needed specific hair or that they didn't like my hair. In the end, I would only care because I want to continue my internship and I wouldn't want something like hair to mess it up, because I can find other alternatives if needed...

What do you think? Any one work in High Fashion? Law? Any other appearance conscious occupations and haven't been sure how a certain natural hairstyle would go over at work? HELP!


  1. I think it depends on the braid style. Big box braids might be looked down upon, while micro braids with extensions will not. I am happy that I work in an environment where I can wear my hair however I would like.

  2. This type of question makes me sad for us. I just braided my hair in large box braids. I'm an HR manager and used to be very self conscious about how i wore my hair...even to the point of not daring to go natural. But I finally got some guts and did go natural and will never go back. I refuse to where MY hair a certain way in order to appease someone else. Now, I do make sure that my hair looks as kept, as natural hair can be, I don't do a bunch of bright colors or really wild looks for the office but I do rock my hair naturally. With my braids I intend to wear them up, in kept looks that cohesively go with my attire but I could give two rats tails less what someone around here may think or say.
    I do know where you are coming from though, it is just sad that a hair style is something that you have to consider before showing up to work. I wish you the best.


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